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Hemifacial Hypertrophy
Hemifacial hypertrophy may occur either isolated or associated with one of several syndromes. Syndromes associated with facial hemihypertrophy are Proteus syndrome, Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome, and other neurocutaneous diseases.
Hemifacial hypertrophy usually involves the cheek and is limited rostally by the orbits and caudally by the jaw (Figure 172.1 [A]). Hemifacial hypertrophy may be accompanied by hemimegalencephaly (Figure 172.1 [B]). Hemimegalencephaly is characterized by hypertrophy of one cerebral hemisphere with ipsilateral ventricular dilatation. More about... 49


Figure 172.1. Hemifacial hypertrophy. [A] Hypertrophic tissue on the right cheek prevents the face from moving in the direction of the hemifacial hypertrophy. [B] MRI of the face and brain show hypertrophic facial tissue and hemimegalencephaly on the same side.


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