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Abuse is rare in the neonatal period. Linear cutaneous equimosis may be a cutaneous sign of trauma (Figure 308.1). The suspicion of child abuse warrants a very careful clinical evaluation including ophthalmological evaluation for retinal bleeding (Fgure 308.1), bone survey, and a social worker consultation. The differential diagnosis of neonatal abuse includes cutis mamorata telangelactica, congenital reticulated vascular pattern, epidermolysis bullosa simplex, epidermolysis bullosa (scalded skin), and osteogenesis imperfecta.


Figure 308.1. Neonatal abuse. [A] Cutaneous lesions in an abused neonate. Linear bruises over the skin. [B] Retinal hemorrhages.


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Spitz, 1996 linear bruises retinal hemorrhage retinal hemorrhage retinal hemorrhage Click on figure for animated labels.  Pause pointer on different areas of the figure for labels. Figure must be centered.